Considerations before buying a Smartphone

With so many smartphones on the market, choosing one that best suits your needs can be a herculean task. Many find themselves in a dilemma and some make the decision based on what their friends tell them. We understand that with so many superb choices and greatest pieces of technological wonder such as iPhone 6s and Samsung galaxy s6, making a decision could be daunting as well as confusing. However, far beyond your hearts desires lies a number of factors that should ultimately inform the decision you make before buying a Smartphone. of course, there are many considerations but we are going to focus on the most basic of them.

Know the phone features you are looking for

What can’t be refuted is the fact that people have different preferences when it comes to phone features. There are the tech savvy who want the latest features and be able to do virtually everything with their phone while there are those who are contented with ordinary features. The onus is on you to determine the phone features you want so as to avert a situation whereby you end up paying more than what you need. Evaluate your needs carefully, your tastes and preferences and make an informed decision based on what you want.


Whether you like it or not, the Smartphone you ultimately go for is dependent on your budget. of course it’s not advisable that you burn your pockets simply because you want to spot the latest Smartphone. evaluate the budget you have and buy a phone that is within your budget while spotting the features you are looking for. whether you are buying a phone on contract or not ensure that you stick within your budget.


We all know that a phone is an extension of ourselves. We all depend on a phone for virtually everything in the 21st century and that is why it is highly recommended that you go for a design that you like. At the end of the day, we have a close and personal relationship with our phones and therefore we do not want a situation whereby we have a phone whose design we are uncomfortable with. Shop around and ensure that apart from the features, the design of your phone is something you are happy with.

Operating system

When buying a Smartphone, ensure you go for an operating system that you are comfortable using. there are basically three major operating systems you can go for – android, IOS and windows. If you are into windows operating system, you are better off buying a Nokia Lumia phone for example. If you love the android platform, an investment in any of the smartphones spotting android would be the ideal thing to do.

Battery life

Are you a heavy phone user who is always talking, chatting, interacting on social media and sending back and forth emails? If that’s the case, it’s important that you go for a Smartphone with a long battery life. You definitely do not want a situation whereby you have to charge your phone every few hours simply because you streamed live a video online or played a couple of music videos.

While there are many considerations when buying a Smartphone, the aforementioned basic ones are the most important.

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