Important Information About No Credit Check Mobile Phones

It is undeniable that no credit check mobile phones have changed fortunes for scores of UK citizens that for a long time have had to contend with one rejection after the other every time they apply for a mobile phone contract. Before  the emergence and subsequent popularity of no credit check mobile phones, applying and getting approval for a mobile phone contract was a tall order. Individuals with a poor credit rating had to contend with rejections, embarrassments and a low self esteem because of the incessant rejections. In fact, mobile phone providers rarely glanced at an application twice if it emanated from a person deemed to have a poor credit rating.

Fast forward to today and the situation has drastically changed. There are now numerous providers across the UK offering no check mobile phones ostensibly designed for those with a low credit score. While this has been positively received among UK citizens, it’s important that care is exercised before applying for one with the many providers strewn all over the UK. In fact, there are a number of things you need to be conversant with prior to applying for a mobile phone contract.


Understand what it is you are looking for

If you have been on the receiving end of one rejection over the other in the past, you might be forced to sign for a contract out of desperation. You might be anxious to get approved for a contract that you would sign up with whichever provider that says yes to you. However, this is a grave mistake that you should never make. Take time to mule over what you want from a given mobile phone package. With so many providers in the UK offering different no credit check mobile phones, proper evaluation is of essence. Once you know what you want or are looking for, compare the different providers and do business with one that offers the best benefit.

Acceptance rates

While a number of providers say that they do not carry out credit checks, the truth of the matter is that most set a minimum credit score that they accept. With this is in mind, it’s essential that you go for providers with a high acceptance rate. To do this, you can visit and get an idea of no credit check mobile phones as well as list of providers with high acceptance rates.

Read the fine print

It is very easy to be exhilarated that you’ve been accepted for a mobile phone contract that you might give a wide berth to the important aspects of a contract before signing it. Take time to read carefully the fine print to avert a situation where you have to deal with hidden charges in the future. If you notice something untoward in the fine print, ask your provider to shed light on it further before you put pen to paper.


The deal on the table put forth by your provider does not always have to be an end in itself. Shop around and negotiate for a better deal. if you know of any other provider with a great deal, try and use that to negotiate for yourself a better deal with your provider of preference. After all, you can never get yourself a better deal if you don’t negotiate.